Shared hosting run php artisan command, php id хостинг.

shared hosting run php artisan command

Hello, I upload my laravel project to a shared hosting and I wonder if I can run php artisan commands from local? Or what is the easiest way of running those commands in shared hosting?


Do you have ssh access?


@ralphmorris I cant see it now. I will ask my shared hosting firm for it. Do we have another way?

Your first mistake is using shared hosting. It’s much better to run Laravel on a VPS or a dedicated box.

I have a number of tiny projects that run on shared hosting and I build a local copy and run all commands there, then FTP the project folder to the shared host.

The sites I have that are on dedicated hosts are much easier to manage but it is possible to use shared hosting.


@snapey have u ever tried to set up ssh acces in ur shared hosting and run commands there?

Its down to the provider whether they allow SSH or not.

One provider gave ‘restricted’ SSH access but then it would only run php 5.4 from the command line even though the website itself was on php 7.0

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